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Greetings to all our Blue Slope Country Museum Supporters

Fall Festival, bank barn: A pretty 4-year old w/ blond ringlets, holds a tiny goat, only 12 hours old. A plaintive bleat makes her smile. "I'm going to name you sunshine; you make me happy!"

Museum, 2nd floor, tool exhibit: A young father reverently shows his 8 year old boy a beautiful carpenter's plane. "Son. Your great grandfather was a farmer. He built our home with tools like this. Never forget that!"

Spring school-kids visit BSCM: Ernie's matched Belgium draft horses graze nearby. Their teacher explains: "Kids. Our country was built and based on agriculture. Horses like these are part of this legacy."

Blue Slope Country Museum: Sandy and Ernie assembled over 4000, 1800th century artifacts of New England agricultural production. Their dedicated-building collection is a destination for enthusiastic historians; quality, variety, and unique use of implements, tools, and kitchen items are superb. "Our heritage as hard working farmers lives on with our collection. We must not forget our history of agricultural success; food abundance and security are key to our lives."

  • These testimonies are what the Blue Slope Country Museum is all about - commemorating our agricultural heritage! Our mission is education - we preserve past agricultural practices to provide a resource center for their continued recognition and memory.
  • Visitors attend our school programs, campfires, square dances, the annual Fall Festival Tyme with its theme: "Farming Thru The Ages", and our horse-drawn Advent Activity program. Year round scheduled programs extend beyond our museum collection.
  • We need your help!!! We need more resources to develop in depth collection exhibits, provide extended programming hours, plus funding for volunteer opportunities.


  • $25 will purchase supplies for visiting school students
  • $100 will pay the utility bill for a month, providing lighting within the museum
  • $150 will support our insurance costs for a week, a key protection for our valuable collection

Donations may be made by "old fashioned" check writing or by using the "Donate" button on our website All are tax deductible; we are a 501 (c) (3) organization. A free horse-wagon ride will be awarded to you/your family for all donations $100 or more. Scheduled date TBD.

We need your help. BSCM exists only through your assistance. Thanks for your consideration.