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Blue Slope Country Museum, Inc. and
Eastern CT Draft Horse Association



From Drafts to Minis

Come enjoy an afternoon of excitement as we display
all the amazing things our horses can do.
Demonstrations of driving, obstacle courses, log pulling,
And much more!!

Bring the whole family to watch, learn and pet
these amazing horses. Wagon rides, ag museum,
and farm tours will also be available.


Admission $7/person, $3/ages 4-10, kids under 4 FREE
Saturday Sept 16th, 2017
Blue Slope Farm
138 Blue Hill Rd
Franklin, CT 06254


"Harnessing the Power of Horses - Drafts to Minis" will come to our area Sept 16, 1-4 PM. Hosted jointly by the Blue Country Museum and Eastern CT Draft Horse Association, this year's event will showcase a variety of equine steeds.

Held at the Blue Slope Farm, 138 Blue Hill Road, Franklin, visitors will enjoy the powerful excitement of strutting beautiful animals weighting from 2500 lbs. down to less than 400, all included in the equine breeds. Jaasper, the Giant Jack donkey will be on hand for close up visits. Two miniature donkeys will be dressed out in size-harness and will showcase pulling a cart just their size. Cute. Two other Giant Jack Donkeys show their own special skills (e.g. jumping), and attributes.

An educational event, demonstrations and show ring activities will provide educational opportunities for all ages, young and old. Separately, visitors will have a chance to visit, photograph, "talk with", and maybe pet many of these beautiful creatures. The verbal explanations and live animals are a superb improvement over book learning. Your child will talk about visiting the huge animals for many days thereafter.

Activities will include driving styles, obstacle course weaving, log pulling, multiple horse abreast hitches, and cart or carriage pulling. Discussions will include harness and tack, grooming, and nutrition care, and will provide a special understanding of these critical parts of equine management. What you learn during this educational opportunity cannot be matched elsewhere.

Of particular interest will be a comparative discussion of breed varieties - draft, thoroughbred, quarter horses, etc., as well as non-horse breeds of donkeys and mules. Genetics plays a key part in selection of qualities of equine specimens: speed strength, stamina, size, nutrition-needs, beauty and color, etc. Visitors will gain over the three hour show a wide scope of education involving both genetics and breeding from an expert horse breeder and trainer.

Discussions of attributes of each breed and/or cross-breed will be accompanied by a selected animal for ease of understanding.

Grooming and personal touching for the kids will be available in a barn with the safe assistance of top quality horse trainers and managers. If you have a child who is interested in horses, don't miss this opportunity; it happens only once per year.

Additionally, wagon rides - pulled by beautiful draft horses - will be available for all visitors to tour the Blue Slope farm. A farm representative will be on board to answer questions and provide information regarding farm production, the dairy program, crop program, and other farm related subjects. Questions are welcomed.

Bleachers will be available for your comfort. But, you may wish to bring along your own chairs. Cold water from the "farm thermos" will be available for your enjoyment. A good opportunity to bring along your picnic lunch.

The Museum with over 4000 archived display items, reflecting farm life over the last 200 years, will be open and free within the price of admission. You are free to spend as much time as you wish viewing this incredible collection of tools, equipment, kitchen items, books, dairy equipment, and ox/horse pulling equipment.

Bring the whole family to watch, learn, and pet these beautiful animals for a close up visit to an actual working farm. Price Is only $7/person, $3/ages 4-10, kids under 4 are FREE.

Please visit for details and expanded understanding of the museum and farm. Visit for understanding of ECDHA.